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Spawned out of the rolling hills of Southern Ohio, vintage rock n’ rollers, The Summit, have easily become one of the country’s most sought out touring bands over the past three years. After consecutive invites to join legendary rock trio ZZ Top on tour in both 2017 and 2018, The Summit quickly became more than just a Midwest band from Cincinnati, OH; they became a relevant force on big stages all over America.

In the fall of 2016, song-writing duo Chris Scott (Vocals) and Mike Hennel (drums) struck gold with a publishing and licensing deal in Nashville while writing a fresh batch of soul-infused blues rock tunes.

“Their sound is very reminiscent of modern-day song-writing gurus such as JJ Grey and Amos Lee, but it’s insanely fused with the vintage tones of iconic rock bands such as Led Zeppelin, Humble Pie and The Black Crowes. The Summit is definitely playing outside of their generation, but somehow grab the attention of all generations lucky enough to see and hear them perform!” Philip Ryan Block – Owner, Independent Ear Records

By April of 2017, the band dropped their self-titled EP (Universal Music Group/ILS) where it quickly gained overnight success. Their first single, Nicola Jane, reached tens of thousands across satellite stations and mainstream/independent radio markets throughout the country, leaving many with a very curious ear for more.
“It’s a little Black Crowes, a little Humble Pie, and hell of a lot of soul! You may be able to recognize many of this band’s numerous influences in their amazing sound, but one thing’s for sure…you can’t fake soul and this band’s got soul!” Brian Robbins Relix Magazine/Jambands.com

The success of Nicola Jane brought the band numerous opportunities on the road. Performing with acts such as the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band, Collective Soul and REO Speedwagon allowed Scott and Hennel to solidify the group’s line-up with full-time members, both for collaboration and touring efforts. Along with accomplished pianist and Hammond Organ endorsee, Chris Bentley, the trio looked to veteran Cincinnati-based musician’s Brian Tarter (Brass Owl) and Michael Walker (Elemetree Livity Project) to round out The Summit’s revamped outfit.

“Coty and Mike bring an unmatched spark to the band! They both come from projects that represent who they are as artists and I find that very refreshing and genuine. Put the five of us together on stage and shit gets real every time!”

The Summit is currently working with Train Case Management on the production of their newest single and in the process of finalizing the blueprints for the next full-length release.
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